Kompana event group present
the festival of good music

Diverse program comprises various musical styles. You can find dance routines presented by the
famous groups, shows of the popular performers and the guest star as a special thrill.

The performers and musicians of diverse styles from the classical to pop music participate in this
festival. Representative of every genre demonstrate their high mastery.
Modern approach

The light stage in the park area fitted with the thought-out design details, like comfortable benches or green fields; attract thousands of people to this festival.
Masters path and food-court

The visitors can try local treats, buy souvenirs or refresh themselves between the main festival
The early summer Open Seasons Festival is full of various music and modern art. It is meant to form a new image of the provincial town as a youth culture intellectual centre having not only industrial facilities but the also the possibilities to create the platform for education, upbringing as well as unlocking the cultural and artistic potential of the citizens. The objective is to develop and promote the habitat and increase the regional cultural level.

The Open Seasons 2019 exhibition video.
Open Seasons 2019
Where the festival taked place
Zaoreshye village is located on the east bank of Verhnee Vrevo Lake. The history of the village dates back to the year dot. To prove that there is a site of ancient settlement at the southern border of the village that looks like a rectangular ground where some earthwork can be seen at the northern, eastern and southern sides.

Photo gallery 2019
Аллея Мастеров и Фуд-корт
How to become a participant?
If you can make fantastic coffee or ornament, play in the group or at the theatre, or you have other interesting business or hobby, welcome to our festival. Please write us and tell how you can improve OPEN SEASONS FESTIVAL and make it brighter.
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Come together with the family. Enjoy wonderful music performed by the stage experts of standing reputation!

Dear friends and partners! We have collected some popular questions about the festival. If you didn't find an answer, please write us to info@k-eg.ru
Can we come to the festival with small children?
Sure. In the park there are some children's playgrounds specially built for them.
How are sanitary conditions maintained?
The goods sold at the festival have got all necessary certificates.
Can we cook on the naked flame during the festival?
No. You can eat at a park restaurant where professional cooks work.

Is there a parking place?
Yes, the parking are is arranged close to the park.
Our company carefully devise the festival activities and answer your questions. Contact us by e- mail or in social networks.

Dmitriy Diedukh
Technical director
Yana Mescheryakova
Festival director
K-EG director
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